Samsung’s MSM8226 family receives unofficial Lollipop ROM, Ported from S5 mini DUOS official INDIA/RUSSIA update

The Samsung’s MSM8226 has Grand 2 DUOS/LTE and S3 neo also S5 mini DUOS, But unfortunately these phone didn’t received as much love from Samsung expect the S5 mini DUOS.

The S5 mini DUOS recently received its Android 5.1.1 upgrade. And the company decide not give update to there older MSM8226 device.

The Simple Reason for not getting the Update by the Officially was the device price range as the Device was a Mid-range phones and Samsung usually give 1 android upgrade to these Device and as the device we port on had initial start with the jelly bean.

Fortunately the development community has come to the handset’s rescue yet again, having portion engineer the Galaxy S5 mini’s latest update to work on Samsung MSM8226. So aapav01 decide To port it on device which can run this. So after few try he and his team Successfully Port the ROM to other Family member like S3 neo + , S3 neo Duos , Grand 2 DUOS , Grand 2 LTE With a Stable stage to the project.

However, there are a few of bugs at stage of development. On the Handsfree mode the mic doesnt work properly. As S5 mini is has A Dual MIC and were as other member having A single mic. But the ROM still can be use as A daily Driven ROM. Hopefully the development team will find fixes to these issues soon and Samsung’s MSM8226 device owners will have a fully working version of 5.1.1 lollipop to play with.

If you’re interested in trying out the unofficial Lollipop update for yourself, or just want to keep track of it until the bugs are fixed, you can find everything you’ll need on the XDA thread. And, For the Download Link you can Download it from here. Please Note that you are not allowed to give direct links and making mirror without permission of aapav01. Contact HIM for More Detail on his XDA Thread for the device followed:

Grand 2 DUOS/LTE
S3 neo +/DUOS

AND Please follow the Instruction given on THE thread

ver 16.6:


mirror 1

ver 16.7:



ver 16.8:



ver 17.0: